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Fun Coloring!
Colors of you_cover

The Colors of You!

Personalized coloring book Inspiring illustrations Great personalized gift Fun activity for kids Create your book and preview before you pay!

Why have your child color in a regular coloring book when they can have their own personalized coloring book? Each page in our newest NAMEE family addition is full of opportunities! Your child can color themselves happy, creative, brave and more, on our high-quality paper as they take center stage as the main character of each scene!

  • namee personalized books for children For ages 0-6 .pngPersonalized character
  • namee personalized story books for children have free dedication are for all ages.pngFor ages 5 - 8
  • namee personalized book bedtime stories pages 24-32.png24 pages
  • namee personalized stories.pngSoft cover


One-of-a-kind, personalized coloring book

The coloring opportunities are endless as they explore 24 pages of exceptional illustrations explaining to them just how kind, curious, joyful, and helpful they are - just to name a few. Your child will also be reassured that it’s okay to feel sad, mad, bored and angry - because even little ones have big feelings!

So grab some markers and crayons and get ready to create the colors of fun, adventure and love with your child as they become the star of their very own coloring book!


About personalization

With NAMEE’s unique coloring book, you can personalize characters to look just like your little one by choosing appearances such as hair type - long, short, straight, curly, writing names and adding exceptional features of your child such as glasses, freckles or hearing aid.

What does the personalized coloring book look like?

The Colors of You personalized coloring book comes with a soft cover. The size is ideal for a children’s book. It’s a portrait format 8.5 x 11” (w x h) and is the perfect size for little ones to comfortably color through and navigate to the next page.

This book features 24 pages of black and white illustrations, printed from edge to edge, on premium quality paper.



Kyra V. | 09/30/2022
Chores Book

What an amazing book! Customization was easy and our book was delivered very quickly. It was packaged great to protect product during shipment. The quality of the pages is unlike any others we have with thick pages. The ch... more

Thomas A. | 09/29/2022
Happy dad!

So happy with my purchase! Well illustrated book and imaginative for little ones! Love love love!

Marisa M. | 09/27/2022
I love it

Book arrived today and it's so good. My son hasn't seen it yet and I can't wait to give it to him!

Constantina R. | 09/26/2022
Fun that they're personalized.

Third book that we purchased and I just can't get enough of them!! Those characters are so cute and I love that they're personalized. Must have!!!

Leighana A. | 09/26/2022
Our family keepsake

Our family will treasure this book forever

Cynthia R. | 09/25/2022
I'm really impressed.

The books are so good quality and they feel great. I absolutely love the illustrations but books are bigger than I expected (not a bad thing actually quite the opposite) so they sit really nicely in hand. So far I'm really happy.

Ingrid V. | 09/24/2022
Adventures in birthday land

Adorable book I can’t wait to give it to my 3 yo nephew for his birthday!

Merve K. | 09/24/2022
My son really loved it!

The book has great quality more than I expected! We liked the hardcover and colorful pages of the daily chores book.

Justice C. | 09/23/2022
Fast delivery great gift

Great gift! Came in quick, and felt very personalized. Have recommended to friends!

Seana V. | 09/22/2022
family adventures

Timeless gift!! So good!!

Katie P. | 09/22/2022
Adventurous stories

Me and my grandson love this book. He loves museums and everything related to science so this book is perfect for him. those 2 stories are his favorite! We love reading and I'll buy any other book in that topic

Alexis P. | 09/22/2022
Fantastic gifts for Christmas

Beautiful book...plan to give to my grandson on Christmas...he’ll love seeing his character and hearing his name!

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