The story behind NAMEE personalized books

Hello, we're loving parents and enthusiastic storytellers. Children are our inspiration and books are our passion. Let us introduce you to our story!

Hi there!

Behind the scenes, NAMEE is run by a team of loving parents, who decided to embrace the world of storytelling. We believe in the power of a child’s imagination. That’s why our books are inspired by our own childrens’ stories. Our little, fearless leaders are the ones who brought us into this and continue to guide the stories you read with your families.

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Our mission

Our mission is to create unforgettable bonding moments between children and families with one-of-a-kind, personalized books full of adventure, excitement and learning.


How'd it start? We became parents.

It’s the hardest, most rewarding job in the world. We constantly question our ability to raise these little ones. Am I doing enough? Is our bond as good as I think it is? Am I showing enough love? Do I spend enough time with them? Are they good to other kids? Am I supporting my partner in their parenting journey?

Looking for answers, the solution became clear, and it was NAMEE. We know that reading stories together is an essential part of bonding and learning with kids. By personalizing story time, our books elicit a surprisingly emotional moment for the whole family. It’s a significant part of the parenting experience.

In the early days of NAMEE, we wrote stories we thought our own kids would love. When we proudly read them aloud, and the kids looked at us like we were amateur storytellers. On top of that, they had notes. Lots and lots of notes. The rejection of our imaginations was both hilarious and humbling. It became clear who the real writers are—our kids. The same kids who draw on walls and build blanket forts.

So, we did what any group of loving parents does, and let our kids drive the spaceship. They told us fantastic stories we could’ve never come up with. This is why our books work so well.

Every story is rooted in the imagination of children. We’re better storytellers because of it. We owe our success to those little, fearless leaders that brought us here - our kids.

It’s safe to say NAMEE’S personalized books are for kids, by kids.


We know that every family is different in its composition, ethnicity, traditions and favorite activities. That’s why we allow you and your kids to create custom characters, and include elements that reflect your real lives into every single story.

Your child will beam when they see themselves illustrated and hear their names read aloud as the main character! They’ll discover a world of emotions, letters and numbers in an unforgettable way. The lessons will stick because they’ll associate their identity with what they’re learning. It’s not magic, but it sure seems like it.

We’re so happy you’re here and that you value this part of parenthood as much as we do. NAMEE is a labor of love and we can’t wait to hear how your personalized books deepen family bonds.

If you or your kids have a great story idea, please send us a message. We’d love to hear it!

It may become our next personalized childrens’ book!

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we believe

Every family is one-of-a-kind

And we love that. We believe it's the unique characterstics of a family unit that make it so special.

Education should be fun

We believe it's important to teach lessons in a way that kids remember.

The best gifts are from the heart

We believe all kids and loved ones should know what it's like to feel cherished.

Family time is essential

We believe that the most important thing a family can do is spend time together.

Kids are imagination experts

They can let an idea run wild in a way that adults lost touch with long ago. This is especially true at home and we believe the world is a better place because of it.

Meet the experts



Little Expert Storyteller



Little Expert Storyteller



Little Expert Storyteller

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