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Chloe's family adventures! Over 10 fun and personalized stories for parents & children to enjoy. For all kinds of families!

For all kinds of families Personalized family book Personalized gift for all families Customize one or two kids Perfect for single parent or same-sex parents

Personalized family book for ALL kinds of families complete with one or two kids! Create customized characters that suit your family best, whether it be families of a mom and dad, single parent families, or same-sex parent families. Any and all combinations are possible making families feel very loved with this one-of-a-kind storybook for kids. There are fun stories about cooking, sports, nature, and many more adventures to discover together with the family!

  • namee personalized books for children For ages 0-6 .pngPersonalized characters
  • namee personalized story books for children have free dedication.pngFree dedication
  • namee persaonalized book bedtime stories are made in USA.pngMade in the USA
  • namee personalized story books for children have free dedication are for all ages.pngFor ages 0 - 6
  • namee personalized book bedtime stories are hardcover.pngHard cover
  • namee personalized book bedtime stories pages 24-32.png26 pages
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More About Book

Personalized book for your family

This personalized book isn't just for kids, but for parents too! You can customize same-sex parents, single parent, or families of mom, dad, and choose one or two kids. NAMEE makes it easy to tailor your books to mirror your own unique family! Create custom characters and have fun changing their appearance so everyone is part of the Family Adventures book. You can change a character’s hair, skin tone, eyes, freckles, glasses, and more! Have your family transformed into a totally unique book made just for you. You can even choose what your little one calls you and your partner! There are more than 10 exciting adventures in every book so everyone is sure to engage with that precious quality time.

For the families to be completely full, you can add grandparents or one of them too! That will make them feel really special and know that they are always with you and the little ones! Don’t miss the chance to give them the smile they deserve!

You can also write a free, personalized message in the Family Adventures book, which will be printed at the beginning before all the exciting stories start!

personalized namee family adventures book

Bring family activities to life!

NAMEE’s “Family Adventures” isn’t merely a story to read, but a story to inspire real-world activities! Read through the 10 stories that you chose for the book, and vote on what you’d like to do as a family! Want to show off your culinary skills while cooking together? Maybe break a sweat while exercising as a family. Play baseball, have a tea party, or make a picnic to enjoy together. You can also let the book choose. Just cover your eyes, flip to a page, and voila! You have your activity for the day! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

From our families to yours

The stories in this family book are from our own lives as parents! There are everyday situations, fun activities and simple ideas for relaxing together. Maybe you epica night, exercise together, or like to visit the zoo? As parents ourselves, we know that even the simplest activities together with your loved ones can really strengthen the family bond.

Vivid illustrations

Our amazing illustrator, Jules Dubost, made family book illustrations really special. Every little detail is thoughtful, making the colorful illustrations spring to life. Every page will inspire the kiddos, and even the family, to want to act out what they see!

Rhythmic stories

Every story in the Family Adventures book has a natural rhythm with catchy rhymes. Watch as the little ones absorb every little detail with a sparkle in their eye—just happy to be there with you.

What does a Family Adventures personalized book look like?

This custom book comes with a colorful and long-lasting cover to withstand our little readers. The size is just right at 12” x 8.5”. The perfect size for your little readers to turn the pages themselves as they explore every word and illustration in the book. The pages are colorfully illustrated, from edge to edge, on premium quality paper (#100). We want your NAMEE personalized book to last a lifetime afterall!

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Magdalina A. | 05/15/2022
Great buy!

I love these books and the service was fantastic! Received very quickly too! I will definitely be ordering more.

Marilyn J. | 05/11/2022
We will keep this book forever

Love the books with my great Granddaughter's name in it. so someday they will read to their children...

Timothy A. | 05/10/2022
Family Adventures

Book was great and arrived in a timely manner. Would recommend!

Jeannette R. | 05/09/2022
Personal gifts are the best

This is a very special gift to give a child. They love having their name in the story and it will always be just theirs. The stories are very sweet, thoughtful, and entertaining.

Karen A. | 05/08/2022
Book's easy to handle and read

Love the book I bought for my granddaughter. Great illustrations and easy reading!

Rachel C. | 05/02/2022
Fun book for whole family

Good quality books which are customised to include our kids name. Our kids really love the book and its easily their favourite one!

Kiesha C. | 05/01/2022
Son is loving his family book

It’s awesome, my son love it too much!! I strongly recommend it.

Jenna W. | 04/26/2022
We take them to school

My daughter Loved these books, she loves to hear her name in the stories. I take them to her school and read them, all the children and the teacher ask me where did you find these books!

Mary M. | 04/24/2022
Very fast and very good!

Illustrations are beautiful - our six year old looks loves his book! Shipping came fast, and definitely a worth it purchase - will definitely order more.

Andrea H. | 04/21/2022
I am beyond grateful!

This book is such a wonderful gift for any child! I did make a mistake on my dedication, but due to the circumstances they went above and beyond to reprint my book, even though they didn't have to do that. I am very gratefu... more

Kirsty C. | 04/19/2022
Son brags about his book

Great present for my six year old son, he couldn’t believe how he got a book all about him and his friends thought it was the coolest book EVER!

Vanessa O. | 04/18/2022
All children love the stories

Beautiful high quality books, and very very well written. I love both stories that I purchased (Family adventures and You can feel)

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