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For kids, by kids

Adorable stories, originally based on tales told by a child.


SUPER size
Discover the whimsical world of Seek and Find with our new personalized book! Embark on a thrilling journey alongside your children as they become the protagonists of 12 whimsical stories. Get ready for endless hours of fun, searching for hidden items in sun-kissed beaches, bustling cities, museums, train stations and much more! Each image opens doors to a new adventure where your child will be the hero leading the way.
From $34.39 $42.99
#1 Top Seller
Get our bestselling, personalized Bedtime stories book featuring your child as the main character! They’ll join their favorite furry friends on the journey to dreamland. Personalize your book with 10 bedtime stories (or more) that make falling asleep the best part of the day! Pick from 20 stories total.
From $33.59 $41.99
#2 Top Seller
Personalized family book for ALL kinds of families complete with one or two kids! Create customized characters that suit your family best, whether it be families of a mom and dad, single parent families, or same-sex parent families. Any and all combinations are possible making families feel very loved with this one-of-a-kind storybook for kids. There are fun stories about cooking, sports, nature, and many more adventures to discover together with the family!
From $33.59 $41.99
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Best B-day Book!
Give your child the biggest Birthday surprise they've ever had - a personalized book with their own name and illustrated character! Add 10 or more unique Birthday adventure stories. They'll laugh and smile with as they soar and celebrate across blue skies, explore mystical lands, and dive through magical water worlds. Your personalized children's book includes an illustrated cake with the perfect number of candles to match their age!
From $33.59 $41.99
Fun activities!
Enjoy a delightful activity book, where your child is the star! Bursting with 24 pages of engaging and colorful activities, this book is the perfect antidote to boredom. From helping the zookeeper to pair up the animals at the zoo, to navigating our way through the Amazing Whale Maze, every turn of the page unveils a new and exciting quest designed around your child.
Fun Coloring!
Why have your child color in a regular coloring book when they can have their own personalized coloring book? Each page in our newest NAMEE family addition is full of opportunities! Your child can color themselves happy, creative, brave and more, on our high-quality paper as they take center stage as the main character of each scene!
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Reviews from our Amazing Community

Valerie A. | 09/27/2023
US Verifed shopper
Bedtime stories

my daughter received the same book for his birthday so we had to buy our girl one too. Both kiddos enjoy reading them and seeing themselves in stories

Yedellin V. | 09/27/2023
GB Verifed shopper
our first book

just recently bought this... can't get enough of it :)

Maria P. | 09/25/2023
US Verifed shopper
Fantastic book

We are absolutely in love with this book! so beautiful and lots of details. Kids love it!

Beth Ann Dey | 09/20/2023
Great book- great service

When I first received the book I had ordered there was a printing error throughout, I contacted their customer support through email and within a day they had replied. They said they would send out a new copy and kept me up... more

Erica B. | 08/25/2023
US Verifed shopper
Wonderful activity book

We loved this activity book

Mannie K. | 08/21/2023
GB Verifed shopper
Loved this

Good quality and service!

Emelie | 08/01/2023
Extra speedy delivery!

Loved how quick my books arrived. Ordered on on Monday and got on Friday

Astrid M. | 07/31/2023
GB Verifed shopper
Absolutely amaazing!!

I was sceptical at first but I am so happy that I bought those books! Quality is incredible!! I bought a couple of hardcovers and one soft, the pages feel nice and soft and covers were great! 10/10 and will be buying more!!

Angel A. | 07/29/2023
GB Verifed shopper
Granddaughters birthday gift

Fast service, with an amazing product at the end.

Sophia L. | 07/26/2023
GB Verifed shopper
Beautiful books for my kids

I’ve purchased 2 personalised books and they have all been fantastic! My kids love them

Lizbeth P. | 07/23/2023
US Verifed shopper
Great product!!

Extremely well done story and high quality paper. defo is worth the cost.

Preet S. | 07/19/2023
US Verifed shopper
every book that we bought...

every book that we bought was great. We're now on our 3 and don't plan to stop :-) my son loves them

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We make personalized books for kids and we love it. In fact, a NAMEE book is the perfect gift for a growing boy or girl. It's also the best gift for parents looking to bond more with their child. We're honored so many children, moms, dads and families have fallen in love with creating custom books. Create your child or yourself as a character, pick your stories and even write a fully customizable dedication that will be printed in your children's book. From bedtime to birthdays and ABC's to emotions (and more), reading has never been more exciting than when children or family members see themselves illustrated! This may be the most special gift you ever give someone.


Frequently asked questions

While our books are written for children, they're great gifts for parents, babysitters and family members too! Anyone you want your child to bond with, this is a gift for them as much as it is for your child. There's no age limit on enjoying these books. NAMEE personalized books are for kids ages up to 10 years old. They are perfect for beginners to mid-level readers. We even have a very young listeners who are still in mum's tummy. Every story is inspired from the imaginations of our own team's children. We do, of course, clean up the language, but we like to think our stories are written for kids, by kids.

NAMEE personalized books are customisable books for kids, and the main character in every adventure is your child! You enter your child's name and customise their appearance, and they'll appear throughout the entire book, on every page. You can personalize gender, eyes, hair type, skin tone, freckles, glasses and more. Every NAMEE personalized book also allows you write a special message to your child. It is printed directly into the book and completely free to include.

Our books are made in the EU, in a publishing house that has over 30 years of experience in printing books. If you want to find out more about our printing partners, please contact us at

The process is very simple and we'll guide you through every step on the website. If you're still curious, here's the order you'll do things...

  1. Choose your books.
  2. Create your personalized character, including name and appearance.
  3. Choose your stories on select books.
  4. Write a special message.
  5. Choose a cover of the book.
  6. Preview your book. Check carefully before ordering, then add to basket.
  7. Go through the checkout process.
  8. Confirm billing details and shipping address.
  9. Place your order and voila!
  10. We'll get to work printing and shipping to you!

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