Personalized Coloring Books

Discover the joy of coloring with our personalized coloring books for kids.

Fun Coloring!
Why have your child color in a regular coloring book when they can have their own personalized coloring book? Each page in our newest NAMEE family addition is full of opportunities! Your child can color themselves happy, creative, brave and more, on our high-quality paper as they take center stage as the main character of each scene!
  • sirdute.png Enhances imagination
  • namee personalized books for children For ages 0-6 .png For ages 5 - 8
  • piestukas.png Personalized coloring

Fun activities!
Enjoy a delightful activity book, where your child is the star! Bursting with 24 pages of engaging and colorful activities, this book is the perfect antidote to boredom. From helping the zookeeper to pair up the animals at the zoo, to navigating our way through the Amazing Whale Maze, every turn of the page unveils a new and exciting quest designed around your child.
  • sirdute.png Enhances thinking out-of-the-box
  • namee personalized books for children For ages 0-6 .png For ages 4 - 8
  • piestukas.png 20 fun activities

Make a mark with personalised stickers. Personalised character, name tags and over a 500 incredible NAMEE stickers! A must-have for anyone who loves to add a touch of creativity.
  • sirdute.png Personalized character
  • namee personalized books for children For ages 0-6 .png For ages 4 - 8
  • piestukas.png 500 different stickers


Erica B.
US Verifed shopper
Wonderful activity book

We loved this activity book

Mannie K.
GB Verifed shopper
Loved this

Good quality and service!

Astrid M.
GB Verifed shopper
Absolutely amaazing!!

I was sceptical at first but I am so happy that I bought those books! Quality is incredible!! I bought a couple of hardcovers and one soft, the pages feel nice and soft and covers were great! 10/10 and will be buying more!!

Angel A.
GB Verifed shopper
Granddaughters birthday gift

Fast service, with an amazing product at the end.

Sophia L.
GB Verifed shopper
Beautiful books for my kids

I’ve purchased 2 personalised books and they have all been fantastic! My kids love them

Lizbeth P.
US Verifed shopper
Great product!!

Extremely well done story and high quality paper. defo is worth the cost.

Preet S.
US Verifed shopper
every book that we bought...

every book that we bought was great. We're now on our 3 and don't plan to stop :-) my son loves them

Katarzyna Z.
US Verifed shopper
Wonderful book. My kid love...

Wonderful book. My kid love reading it before sleep. He's so interested in all kind of animals. I recommend

Christine A.
US Verifed shopper
Best purchase EVER

This is the cutest book everrrr!!! I ordered it for my granddaughters birthday, and everyone loved it to bits. We will cherish this book forever!!

Jaqueline A.
US Verifed shopper
was the best Father's day...

was the best Father's day gift!

Sandra K.
US Verifed shopper
Books are fantastic

Very pleased with the books received.

Jane K.
US Verifed shopper
I love namee

Your products are incredbile! I love to personalize the books and they make great memories for everyone in the family. Thank you!