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Personalized learning books for kids. With these custom educational books children will discover a world of emotions, letters and numbers in an unforgettable way. The lessons will stick because they’ll associate their identity with what they’re learning. It’s not magic, but it sure seems like it.

Help your child learn all the big emotions with a personalized kid's book featuring them as the main character! They'll discover 11 of the most common feelings they'll feel and how to recognize them. This custom book is perfect for toddlers up to age six and a wonderful way to start teaching your child how to manage their own emotions.
  • personalized books family Emotions taught to hero of story
  • namee personalized books for children For ages 0-6 .png Perfect for ages 0-6
  • piestukas.png Free dedication
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$33.00 $44.00

Teach your children all 26 letters with this very special, custom book for kids! You'll personalize the book with their name and appearance. They'll have so much fun learning the alphabet because they're the main character of the whole book! Give them the needed fondation to read, write and speak with one of our personalized books for toddlers up to age 6.
  • personalized books family Teaches ABC's!
  • namee personalized books for children For ages 0-6 .png Perfect for ages 0-6
  • piestukas.png Free dedication
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$33.00 $44.00

This personalized book will teach your child to count, and you get to make them the main character! You'll customize their name and appearance. This custom book is perfect for toddlers and kids just learning their numbers. Soon, they'll be able to count how many fingers you hold up, how many paws your pets have, and one day, how many stars are in the sky!
  • personalized books family Counting game included!
  • namee personalized books for children For ages 0-6 .png Perfect for ages 0-6
  • piestukas.png Free dedication
25% off!
$33.00 $44.00


Liliana R. | 05/20/2022
Wonderful book!

My grandson loves this book I bought it for his birthday!

Suzanne B. | 05/20/2022
we love it!

love it! The illustrations are amazing and the story is so sweet! We can't wait to order more and give some away as gifts

Jamie B. | 05/20/2022
Absolutely wonderful...

Lovely books.The children they were bought for haven't seen them yet, so I cant day whether they liked them as much as I did. Great stories.

Cindy N. | 05/19/2022
Books are absolutely beautiful

This is the sweetest book! My girlfriend loved it for her 1 year old son!

Daimary M. | 05/19/2022
Very well made

Love the personalized books! They are so thoughtful, creative and the printing/paper quality are great.

Jonnae K. | 05/19/2022
I gift these books!

I've gifted Namee a few times now and it's always been a hit - I would recommend this product to anyone! It's really so special - especially for parents!

Silvija N. | 05/18/2022
Great book thank you

My daughter in law loves reading. She read the book and thought It was phenomenal. Nice work, I will order more in the future

Monica R. | 05/18/2022
Abc book is cute

My grandsons were delighted to have books with names in them. Everybody was impressed with the stories

Claudiany F. | 05/18/2022
Personalized book for my son

Never expected how amazing the story could be! I'm imagining how my son will react towards his personalized story. He'll love it

Julia M. | 05/18/2022
Family adventures book

Super cute and made her so happy! Will definitely be getting another one.

Erica S. | 05/17/2022
Good service thanks

Very happy with the service

Makesh P. | 05/17/2022
Love the products!

Great quality, content and service.


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