NAMEE’s personalized Family Adventures book is perfect for every kind of family! Choose the one that suits your family best. Our amazing illustrator, Jules Dubost, made sure that illustrations would be really special!

Personalized Book for Mother & Child

There are 10 special stories for moms and their children to explore, including some activities they can do together in real life. We know that sometimes we get into the every day routine so much that we forget our loved ones. We made this book to remind us that even the simplest acts together can bring a lot of warmth to the household and strengthen the connection between a mom and her precious kiddo.

Personalized Book for Father & Child

A custom family book for father and child. There are 10 special stories for dads and kids to explore. This personalized family book includes daily routines such as games and fun activities that nurture connection among all family members. This isn’t just a story book, it teaches how important it is for families to spend quality time together.

Personalized book for Both Parents & Child(ren)

This personalized book is not just for kids, but moms and dads too! Create custom characters and have fun changing their appearance so everyone is part of the Family Adventures book. You can change a character’s hair style & color, skin tone, eyes, freckles, glasses, and more! Transform your entire family into a totally unique book made just for you. You can even choose what your little one calls mom or dad! There are 10 exciting adventures in every book sure to engage everyone with precious quality time.

Personalized Family Book with Siblings

A personalized children's book made for siblings! It's a great one-of-a-kind gift the whole family can cherish together. You can add 10 or more activities that you know your children will love! This custom book will bring your family together as mom, dad, and children as you all become the main characters of your family’s story! This colorful and emotional personalized family book will take bonding to new levels in a very special way.

Personalized Book for Grandparents & Grandchildren

A personalized book for your children featuring their grandparents! This custom story is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring your children closer to their grandparents, no matter the distance. Your children and their grandparents will be the main characters and appear on every page! You can add 10 or more activities that you know your children would love to participate in with grandma and grandpa. This colorful and surprisingly emotional family book will make bonding an unforgettable experience.