Are you trying to teach your preschooler to count, but not really making any progress? Avoid the temper-tantrums and tears with NAMEE’s 5 super easy ways to help your little one learn those numbers!

  1. Count Toys. Yep, it’s that easy! As you and your child are playing or cleaning up, make counting their toys a game. Whether it be counting the amount of dolls they have, legos, race cars, or blocks, make counting FUN!

  1. Bathtime Numbers. You can find these at your local store or even online! While enjoying the bubbles, have your child name each number and place it on the wall of the tub. Once they get so many correct, they can swipe them all into the water and begin again! How about that - a new bathtime ritual.

  1. Count Snacks. Is your child motivated by snacks? Then counting their snacks is a great way to work on learning numbers. Ask them to count how many items you gave to them! Maybe give them a “reward” snack for getting the number correct.

  1. Count Stickers. Children just love stickers! Grab a piece of paper and ask your child to place a certain number of stickers on the page as they count them out. If they get it correct, celebrate with MORE stickers!

  1. Use NAMEE’s Personalized Counting Book - “Let’s Count”. Every number in our book has its very own story and objects to be found! The words of each number’s story are rhythmic, making the stories fun to read and listen to. And the BEST part? The hero of the story is your CHILD!

The book is full of colorful and exciting illustrations which were made by our amazing illustrator Aliaga Mirguseinov.
Learning numbers can be a challenge at first, but when you make it FUN and entertaining, counting can become a game, which your child will want to play over and over again!