Not everything that a child wants or needs has to come perfectly wrapped in shiny paper with a gorgeous bow on top. Although some special gifts do come that way! Most childhood foundations are built on fond memories and experiences that they can always keep close to them.

So, what are some things that children truly want this holiday?

Experiences to Remember

The best gifts are moments that turn into memories. You can always buy something for your child that they want: creative sets, building sets, stuffed animals, toys. But fun activities with the family (a trip to a water park or amusement park, horseback riding, skiing lessons, chocolate tasting, paintball, etc.) are a great gift with a more emotional purpose than material one. And if you make the outing or experience a surprise....The joy you’ll see in your child’s eyes is worth its weight in gold.

Some Gifts Should Have Special Meaning

Parents know their child best. They know what they like, what makes their eyes light up, what they’re really into. If you see something that your child would like to have, (it doesn’t have to be big or expensive!), buy it for them. If they like to write, get them some new pens. If they like to paint, consider getting them some new canvases. And make it on a whim! It doesn’t have to be their birthday or a holiday to let your child know that you’re thinking of them. Sometimes the best gifts are “just because”.

Personalized Books Give the World of Magic

When you give your child a personalized book as a present, you give them a ticket to a whole new world of imagination. Besides, an early relationship with a personalized book helps not only to expand vocabulary or develop emotional intelligence, but also teaches your child to focus, evaluate, and analyze information received.

Reading personalized books is also beneficial in that it can become a joint activity of parents and children with quality time spent together. This creates stronger family bonds as well as pleasant memories for your child.

When you choose a NAMEE personalized book, you’re not just giving your child any old book. Your child is getting a book where they are the star! Seeing their personalized character with their name going on adventures will make them feel more exclusive and unique. Customized books let kids engage more in the stories and make them more interested in reading. And NAMEE has just the story you're looking for on our website! See them all HERE.