Imagine having your child bringing you the same book over and over because it has become their favorite. Does it have beautiful illustrations, adventures awaiting, bursting with learning joy, where your child is the STAR? If you said, “No,”, that’s because it’s not NAMEE’s "Let's Count" book! But never fear, NAMEE’s here. And we’re delivering your child’s next favorite story that will teach them how to COUNT, while having fun.

What you can expect:

  1. Every number has its own short story with items to find and count, so it’s like a game within a book. Don’t think that some of these objects are simple to find though. Some are, while others give an exciting challenge. But don’t just rely on our “adult” opinion --- our children told us themselves!

  1. NAMEE’s books are of the highest quality! The hardcover pages are thick, so they can withstand even the roughest of readers. And all of the stunning & beautiful illustrations are bursting with color! Our books’ illustrations are prepared by a professional illustrator Aliaga Mirguseinov and our rhyming texts are created by a professional author!

  1. And this may be the icing on the cake - YOUR child is the MAIN CHARACTER! How many other books can do that? This special personalization makes learning even more unique and entertaining!

When you see your child’s face light up at the mention of their name and a character that looks just like them in a story, you’ll see why NAMEE’s "Let's Count" book is an absolute must-have. And when your little one wants you to read it over and over, maybe you’ll also feel like a star.