Who is NAMEE?

NAMEE is a company of personalized children's books. Behind the scenes, NAMEE is run by a team of loving parents, who decided to embrace the world of storytelling. The NAMEE project was created with an aim to create unforgettable bonding moments between children and families with one-of-a-kind, personalized books full of adventure, excitement and learning. We want to give the best experience, that's why we pay great attention to quality - our custom books are hardcover, fully illustrated and printed on high quality paper.

How do I make a personalized book?

Creating a personalized book at NAMEE is super simple! Create the character of your child - enter their name, personalize the appearance, and write a special dedicational message for your hero of the stories. For the custom family book you can personalize parents, grandparents and the siblings as well! Next, NAMEE puts your personalized character into the book you choose and they will appear in every page with colorful illustrations and rhytmic stories. Preview the custom book you made and complete the order. That's it! We'll prepare your unique custom book and deliver it right to you!

How do I place an order with NAMEE?

We made it pretty simple for you! Choose the unique book you like, make the customization of the characters, and simply go throw the purchase steps - add your contact information, delivery address, choose payment method and complete the order. We'll notify you about the received order, as well as when we'll ship it.

Where are NAMEE personalized books printed?

Each of NAMEE personalized book is printed in American printhouses, on demand, to be a unique gift for your loved ones!

What makes NAMEE books such a wonderful gift?

Each of NAMEE personalized book is one of the kind just like our customers! It's so wonderful to get a unique gift where you are a main character with included name and full personalization, even with the special message. To make books even more special we created different types to choose from - personalized Bedtime stories book, custom Family adventures book, and a very unique Birthday fun book. And for the little learners we have custom alphabet and numbers books as well as a very special customizable feelings book!

How can I contact NAMEE?

Whatever your question is, we're here for you! Choose the way mostly comfortable for you - send us a message on our chat, write us an email at help@namee.com, or just give a call at +1 929-999-5617. We're available on weekdays from 9am to 4 pm.

Is NAMEE legit?

NAMEE, creators of one-of-a-kind, personalized books for kids by kids, announced the launch of their platform in the U.S. on October of 2021. The unique made-to-order hard-copy books serve as a high-tech solution to help children of all backgrounds be the main character in their very own adventure. By creating lasting bonding moments between children and families, these products focus on building self-esteem while encouraging both learning and excitement.

NAMEE started their journey with eight personalized books such as Bedtime stories, family and birthday books, as well as more educational books like learning letters, numbers and emotions. All of these books focus on teaching children certain ideas in different ways. NAMEE's bestselling Bedtime Stories books stands out by introducing readers to the sleeping habits of animals who incorporate the customized child’s character. The dreamy atmosphere, tranquil animals. and rhythmic nature of the story makes this book an option for therapeutic use pertaining to children as well their parents.

NAMEE’s personalized books are recommended for children ages 0 years and up and are a good choice for beginner to mid-level readers. Customers can choose from eight different 'templates' story books with two new titles to be released soon. Once the book is ordered, printing takes approximately 3 to 4 working days before being shipped. All NAMEE books come with long-lasting hard covers. The pages are colorfully illustrated, from edge to edge, on premium quality paper.

Identifying with characters in a story allows children to form a deeper understanding of what they are reading as well as making self connections that lead them to feel validated - and that they are an important part of the world they live in.

NAMEE is still a new brand in this field, but it's definitely legit!