Does your child have more toys than they could ever possibly play with? Have you discovered unopened boxes several months later, long after the holiday festivities are over? If so, then it may be time to consider some non-toy type options to spruce up this Holiday Season!

1. A Magazine Subscription

There are some fun and interesting magazines on the market for kids! Maybe they already have a favorite that they like to check out at your local library. If so, consider giving your child the gift of a monthly or yearly subscription that comes to them in the mail! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

2. A Journal

If you have a child who is at the age where they like to write down thoughts and feelings, you can’t go wrong with a journal! Even if you have little ones who are learning to write, a journal is a great place to learn letters. Look for journals that have a lock and key to make it more fun!

3. Personalized Book

NAMEE has just the personalized book you're looking for that makes a perfect gift for your little one! A book is always a good idea as a gift for a child.

Does your little one like calming bedtime stories or fun, action-packed adventures? Maybe they're into more educational and learning books? Whatever genre you choose, NAMEE has just the story, where your child sees himself as a hero! It provides a unique experience and makes it easier for them to plunge in the action. Personalized books fosters imagination, makes education more fun, and empowers children to see themselves as a hero of their own lives.

Explore NAMEE personalized books here!

4. Hobby Kit/Subscription Box

Is your child a budding engineer? Maybe they love to experiment with science. Or maybe they have their own little craft corner. Whatever tickles your child fancy, you’re sure to find a kit or even a Subscription Box for their talents and interests! Subscription boxes and Hobby Kits make it possible for your child to receive toys all year long, simply not at one time of the year.

5. Creativity Set

If you have a creative or artistic child, encourage those skills with creative sets! Mold, sew, paint, draw, make jewelry… The sky's the limit. Creative sets come in wide varieties, sure to enable and develop your child's creativity. Let their imaginations run wild!