Here at NAMEE, we promise to create amazing books. And we stand behind that promise! So, we took our personalized Birthday Book, and gave it to the toughest critic of all - CASPER. On his 4th birthday.

How was our book received by Casper?

- Casper was so surprised to see himself in this unique book. That personalization added that little something extra, so he completely dove right into the pages of his very own birthday story!

- Within the first few pages, Casper was hooked and simply in love. He never expected so many stories and so many characters! Everytime he turned a page, a NEW story! A party at the fair, a concert on the stage, diving and swimming in the ocean, a party in the forest with fairies! And the most exciting story of all for Kasper? A busy building site! That one took the cake!

- Speaking of cake, Casper LOVED that the book reflected his age with the right amount of candles on his birthday cake! Being that it was his 4th birthday, NAMEE had put 4 candles on the cake. This was so exciting to him because not only was it his birthday in real life, but it was really his birthday in the book too!

So there you have it. Kid-tested, Kid-Approved! Visit our website for more information and choices to begin building that next amazing birthday gift sure to bring endless celebrations!

Check our Personalized Birthday Book here!