Dear Fellow Parents,

Have you ever wondered how NAMEE’s Bedtime Stories book came to be so loved by kids?

The short answer is because we put our own kids in the driver’s seat!

Now, here’s the whole story.

The NAMEE’s bedtime stories book was already made, and our team thought that it was really awesome!

But then we showed it to our beloved children…

Oh boy, what a reaction we’ve got! Shouting, screaming, whining, and I swear, I even saw some tears.

Our kids were clearly passionate about the stories we were telling, and they were quick to tell us what we got wrong.

This was not exactly the reaction we’d been hoping for!

Rather than dismissing them, we sat down with our little ones and let them talk.

That’s when the fairytales in NAMEE’s Bedtime Stories really came to life. Our kids had brilliant ideas about stories with everything from spiders to huskies to pandas to hummingbirds!

So, we listened as Little NAMEE experts introduced us to new characters and interesting plots.

But they didn’t stop there.

They told us stories mixed with lots of questions…many that they answered themselves! They became their own problem-solvers.

  • Mom, why does the spider make the cobweb? Is it his home? Is it his bedroom? Is he allowed to have friends visit his cobweb? No! No! Oh wait, I know! The spider is a guard! He protects me when I sleep!

  • Did you know that the mouse has a flat under the floor?! I saw it! It has my figurines as the furniture. It’s really cozy there, Mom! I saw it myself! (At that moment, I really hoped my child was talking about an imaginary mouse.) 

  • If the owl sleeps during the day, what does she do at night? Why doesn’t she want to play in the daytime? Oh, I know! She just likes the dark night more! 

After hearing all the awesome imaginative ideas and creative problem-solving from our children, we started combining their ideas into short stories.

These imaginative tales found their way into a personalized book - Bedtime Stories. 

Because all of the stories in the book were born within a child’s imagination, we know your kid will absolutely love them!

Our first-hand experience taught us that our kids are the real storytellers, and it is simply our job to bring their stories to life.

Does your kid have great ideas and stories? Share them with us! Their ideas might turn into a NAMEE personalized book!

Loving Mom and NAMEE Project Manager,