If you care for a young child, you probably know that they can have quite the imaginations and big dreams for themselves. As parents and caregivers in the lives of these children, it’s crucial to encourage their big dreams. By exploring and encouraging their interests and ideas with them, you show that they are important and loved. Books are a wonderful avenue that caregivers can use to provide opportunities for encouraging and supporting the big dreams of their children.

Engaging Visualization Opportunity for Kids

The Grows Up Personalized book is a perfect book for parents and caregivers to do just that! The Grows Up book allows your child to see themself in the shoes of different professions–literally!

  • The personalized book includes your child’s name and likeness in the story and illustrations so they can actually see themself as a vet, musician, astronaut, and more on each page of the story.
  • Visualization is a powerful and inspiring way to encourage new ideas and dreams, especially for children.
  • High-quality and engaging illustrations immerse children in each page of the story and provide beautiful details for children to connect with different professions.
  • The fun rhyme scheme is engaging and fun for kids. It will encourage them to follow along and actively listen as they read through the story.

The Grows Up Personalized book gives children exposure to jobs and skills that may not have occurred to them or their caregivers before. When they see their personalized character as a firefighter, scientist, or teacher, they will see that their big dream is within reach, no matter what it is. It’s a beautiful experience to see your child’s face light up as they imagine themself as an explorer, chef, or in another amazing career.

The author of the illustrations is our illustrator Sheyla Nogueira.

Supporting Their Big Dreams Shows Kids They Are Loved and Important

Since the story and illustrations are so fun and engaging, kids will ask to read the Grows Up book again and again! This is great to encourage literacy and listening skills, and also provides countless opportunities for family discussions about dreams and aspirations. These opportunities are not only fun for everyone involved but truly important for the formation of your child’s self-esteem and emotional health. Supporting their dreams shows kids that they are loved and important. Caregivers should jump on every opportunity they have to encourage their child’s dreams and interests.

As a child’s loving and caring adult, you want to enrich their lives in every way possible. Encouraging big dreams in children is part of that. When children show interest in certain topics and professions, caregivers should be sure to encourage them as much as they can. Reading the Grows Up personalized book with your child is a perfect opportunity to foster connection and love with your child. As you read along together, it will spark the interest of your child and encourage them to have big dreams. When they know their caregiver will lovingly support their big dreams as they grow, children will dream even bigger!

Ready to connect with your child and encourage their big dreams? Get your personalized Grows Up book here.