Valentine’s day is a great day to show your family how much you love them and appreciate having them in your life. And what is more special for your family than a unique gift created from the heart?

With the importance of family bonds in mind, we created a Family Adventures book. This book is a fun way to emphasize the importance of spending time together. But these aren’t just stories, these are experiences of our own lives. There are everyday situations, fun activities, and simple ideas for relaxing together. Maybe you like to cook, spend time in nature, exercise together, or like to visit the zoo. As parents ourselves, we know that even the simplest activities together with your loved ones can really strengthen the family bond.

Our amazing illustrator, Jules Dubost, made our family book illustrations really special. Every little detail is thoughtful, making the colorful illustrations spring to life. Every page will inspire your kiddos, and even the family, to want to act out what they see!

Every story in the Family Adventures book has a natural rhythm with catchy rhymes. Watch as the little ones absorb every little detail with a sparkle in their eye—just happy to be there with you.

This book now includes a personalized Valentine's day story to make it an even more special Valentine’s day gift for mom, dad , child, or the whole family. It's the books about you all!

Our little readers already explored the book and found it super exciting! And the Valentine’s story gives it an even more excited and festive mood. The story is meant for Valentine's day, but truly remains relevant through the whole year saying that the love to your family is the most important.

While NAMEE’s Family Adventures book could be a great gift for Valentine's day, you’ll want to check out the others too! Our Bedtime Stories book is a complete bestseller, making kids go to the land of sweet dreams in front of your eyes. This one can be a great gift for your child, providing a wondrous story time, for you as well as your sweetheart, giving some special time just for the two of you.

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