Birthdays are a time for celebration & fun! What better way to make a child feel special than by making them the STAR of their very own Birthday Land? With NAMEE’s personalized children’s books, you can bring the magic of their day to life by giving them the gift of a story as unique as they are.

Choose from 10 selectable stories, with each page telling a different story!


Beat on the drums and sing along to a melody as furry friends make music at their own personal concert. Your child will be center stage as they rock out on their special day! Turn the page where they’re suddenly twenty leagues under the sea. Explore seahorses, turtles, dolphins and more sea friends as each presents your child with a beautifully wrapped treasure for their birthday! After that, be transported to the world of carousels and roller coasters for an exciting, fun-filled day at the amusement park! Your child will spin until they’re dizzy with delight, taking in all of the thrilling attractions with their animal buddies.


And if you have a budding architect among you, let them join their animal friends for a Builder’s Birthday Party! Bulldozers, lorries, cranes, and more all work together to build your child’s special Birthday Tower! These are only a few of the exciting pages you can choose from. Head on over to NAMEE’s Birthday Book page to discover what other amazing birthday adventures await, and give your child their BEST birthday yet!

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