1. It’s not just a book, but a whole new world!

Books can take you to far away places and experience the most magical moments! Personalized books, such as NAMEE’s personalized children’s books, create fun opportunities for your child to be the heroes of their imaginary world.

2. Personalized books are easy to pack!

Traveling this holiday season to see family far away? Trying to fit all of those big, oversized presents in the back of the car can be aggravating, especially if you have luggage! But when you give a NAMEE personalized book, you won’t have that problem. Our books are small and compact, easy to take along on your trip. Not traveling but still sending a gift? Books are small and easy to send!

3. Personalized books are financially friendly

Personalized books aren’t always cheap, but when given the value that they create, the cost is surprisingly low. These books are made to last, especially with our hardcover. Kids can read them again and again and most importantly, custom books create a real value that teaches your child about their world.

4. Personalized books help children discover new things

Customized books let children discover a new world full of possibilities, while learning new things. These types of books are engaging while making learning easier because your child is the star!

5. Personalized books make people better

Science has already shown that children who read books are more empathetic. And it’s also claimed that people who read live longer with better brain function! So, by giving a personalized book to your child, you’re also giving the gift of health. We’ll read to that!

6. No extras needed

All you need for reading a book is a book. Well, maybe a comfortable sofa. Or a nice cozy blanket. Okay, some extras may be needed, but aren’t required! No extra batteries or special preparation required. Just open it up and read!

7. Personalized books are easy to buy!

At NAMEE, we took the hassle out of the holidays. Malls and stores are crowded, so avoid the congestion and visit www.namee.com where you can find all of our personalized books in one spot! No dress code required.