Do you love watching your child master new skills? It’s always fun to be a part of the learning process, but sometimes, we all need a little help to make it more enjoyable for everyone. If you’re trying to teach your little one to count, we have just the book you’ve been searching for.

Introducing NAMEE’s “Lets Count”.

You may be wondering, “Okay, how can a book help my child to count?” Let us count the ways....See what we did there?

1, NAMEE’s “Let’s Count” is PERSONALIZED, meaning that your child is the main character of the book! Identifying with the character makes learning and remembering the information more entertaining for your child.

2. Colourful illustrations immediately catch your child’s eye, stimulating their senses. Bright colors and amusing pictures are sure to keep your child’s attention while they learn and understand each number.

3. Children like a bit of a challenge to keep things interesting! Animals, planets, cupcakes, and more have to be found and counted in NAMEE’s Numbers book. Some objects may be easier to find, while others are a tad trickier, turning learning time into a game! And what child doesn’t like games.

4. Every number’s story in the book is rhythmic. Children learn through rhymes which are patterns, making their numbers easy to recall and memorize. Plus, rhythmic texts are more fun to read and listen to, just ask your little one!

5. Make your child feel even more special than they already are. You can write an encouraging dedication, inspiring them to learn all their numbers! What other book lets you do that?

As you can see through all of the personal and unique details, NAMEE is the new name in making learning fun for your child! From seeing themselves in the book with their name, to beautiful and entertaining illustrations sure to hold their attention, one thing you can be sure of is happy smiles and belly laughs while learning about numbers!

You can “count” on it.