Kids love to read and listen to bedtime stories. NAMEE’s personalized book, “Bedtime Stories”, is not just for around the Holidays, although it IS a great gift, but for every season as well! Besides your child being the star of the book, you can also include a special message that makes the gift even more unique. And did we mention that it’s totally free to include?

1. Every Hero Has a Unique Story

Our Bedtime book is fully customizable where your child is the hero of every story! Simply enter the name and customize your child’s character’s appearance. Voila! Your child is the Hero!

2. Personalized Book For Kids, by Kids

We brought in the “real” experts to inspire our stories - kids! Because who better to create stories for other kids? We are certain that your little reader will love the stories and characters because they are written by kids just like them!

3. Amazing Illustrations of Personalized Bedtime Stories Book

Our professional illustrators create dreamy, calm, and colorful illustrations, setting the mood for bedtime. Snuggle up close and see where the beautiful sights take you.
The author of the illustrations is our illustrator Jules Dubost.

4. Rhythmic Personalized Stories

“Bedtime Stories” is created with rhyming stories that are soothing and calming, sure to make your little one’s eyelids grow heavy. NAMEE’s personalized bedtime book brings about a feeling of togetherness - a time and place where you and your child can recount the day, reconnect, and share a beautiful story together.