We know that reading is important for a child’s academic development, but sometimes it’s hard to get children excited about books. They might find them intimidating or boring. Reading engaging stories with children from a young age can help with both of those things! Reading aloud to kids before they have the skills to read on their own helps expose children to text, vocabulary, new ideas, and engaging stories, and creates positive feelings around reading. This helps get children motivated to read. Personalized books are an excellent way to get children excited about reading and start them off with a sturdy literacy foundation!

1. A Personalized Book Is A Thoughtful Way To Connect With A Child

Creating a positive atmosphere around reading is necessary to attract children to reading. What better way to do that than bonding over a wonderful book with your child? Enjoying a read-aloud with a child is the perfect way to connect, and with a personalized book, they’ll know you were thinking about them when you purchased the special book. With a personalized book, reading will become a preferred activity, not a homework assignment or chore. And when kids connect reading with positive feelings of connection, love, and belonging, they’ll be eager to read even more!

2. Personalized Books Are Engaging And Fun

Children will ask to read a personalized book again and again because of the engaging story and pictures that they are a part of. Repeated reading is an important part of exposure to text and early literacy foundations. The more a child reads or is read to, the more exposure they will have to vocabulary, new concepts, fun ideas, and more. A personalized book will hook a young reader right away when they see their face on the front cover! Soon they’ll be excited to read their story over and over and ask for even more fun and engaging stories. Allowing kids to see themself right on the page is such a big buy-in for engagement, even for the most reluctant reader.

3. A Personalized Book Allows Readers To Feel Represented

Representation in literature matters for children. One of the best things about reading any kind of book is the ability for it to transport readers to new realities, situations, or worlds. But sometimes, it’s hard for readers to find books with characters who look like them, making it harder for them to engage as fully with the story. A personalized book allows for representation by literally inserting the specific reader into the pages of the book. Allowing the young reader to truly visualize themself doing tons of amazing things is a great way to foster self-esteem and make them excited about reading the book! And once they’re reading consistently, they’ll be able to reap all of the wonderful developmental benefits that reading offers.

From Bedtime Stories to Birthday Books, Namee personalized books allow young readers to see themselves in engaging and fun stories. Personalized books will get even reluctant readers excited about books, and help attract them to good reading habits as they grow and develop.