When it comes to Christmas, children are almost always focused on one thing… presents! While colorfully gifts wrapped under the tree and stuffed in stockings is certain to be a highlight of the season, every parent knows that there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Christmastime with their child. From baking cookies to decorating and spreading good cheer, helping your child to get into the Christmas spirit has never been easier and more enjoyable than ever. Read on and we’ll share some tips on how you can help your child become more creative, more generous and more intrigued by the spirit of Christmas this holiday season!

Spark Their Imagination

When it comes to Christmastime, our child’s imagination is big and bright! Help to spark all new thoughts and feelings about the holiday season in easy and accessible ways. Encourage your child to write a letter and wishlist to Santa, create their own Christmas cards, craft homemade ornaments and wrap presents in homemade paper. Feeling musical? Write a new Christmas song to sing with your child. Bored with baking Christmas cookies? Why not look up a traditional family recipe to make and leave for Santa this year instead! Ask your child what sparks their interest and helps their imagination soar.

Generosity and The Spirit of the Season

The holiday season is an excellent time of year for children to learn to be generous toward others. Children can often become overly excited and greedy when it comes to the new toys that Santa will leave for them, so be sure to balance out their holiday joy by teaching them to give to others as well. Volunteer and toy and food drives, make Christmas cards for seniors, or bake goodies for your neighbors so that your child can learn the true spirit of the season. Take your child shopping for family members and help them learn to pick out gifts for the ones that they love. You can also help your child sort through their old toys and clothes to donate to charity shops and thrift stores so that their unused items will do good for someone else.

Another way to help your child learn about generosity during the holiday season is through storytelling. Our personalized Christmas story puts your child into the narrative as they learn empathy for those who are less fortunate. Your child will hear it from Santa himself that Christmas is a time to help others in this sweet and festive personalized story. There are plenty of special ways to help your child grow a generous spirit during the holiday season!

Making New Traditions

There are probably holiday movies you watch every year and other activities that your family does too, but making all new traditions with your child is important too! One of the ways that you can incorporate new holiday traditions into your Christmastime is with a personalized book. When you give your child a book with their name in it featuring a vibrant holiday story, you help your child to make a personal connection with Christmas. For young children, there is nothing more special than seeing their own name on the page… especially when it’s next to Santa! This year, give them a personalized bedtime Christmas book that’s sure to leave them with sugarplum dreams.

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