Reading a book with your child at bedtime is a family activity that is easy to implement. All it takes is a book and a bit of time. As you begin to incorporate regular time for reading a book with your child, you will start to see a change in your relationship. It’s true!

Best-selling children’s author Caralyn Buehner says, “What’s lovely about reading aloud to children is that it can also be comforting, warm, and interactive at the same time.”

These few minutes you spend reading a book with your child are so much more than just reading words off a page – they are minutes used to bond with your child and reinforce your feelings of love. Plus, it’s fun!

1. Reading a Book with Your Child Encourages Regular Bonding

Children thrive with routine and consistency. A simple routine to incorporate in your home is reading a book with your child at bedtime. If it is done with regularity, it will be something that you and your child look forward to. Most parents discover that bedtime reading is not a chore – it is a wonderful way to end the day!

According to Brightly, “When a parent reads with their child they are in the moment, providing their child with their full attention, and showing interest not only in the activity of reading, but in the child himself. There is no better method of bonding than cuddling with your arms wrapped around your child, sharing stories and pictures, thoughts and feelings, while turning the pages of a book.”

2. Reading a Book with Your Child Boosts Positive Feelings

For time-challenged parents, the little bit of time spent reading a book with your child makes a big difference in displaying your feelings of love. Your child receives one-on-one attention as you read, and for those who read at bedtime nightly, it provides a sense of security and reassurance that you love them.

In addition, as your child grows older, reading books together helps you to work through difficult feelings together. As characters in stories face difficulties, it can help parents have necessary conversations with their children about their feelings, such as fear and sadness.

3. Reading a Personalized Book with Your Child is Fun

Last but not least, reading a book with your child is fun! For busy adults, reading children’s books is a wonderful escape from reality. And today’s children’s books are full of excitement, imagination, and humor. Parents often find themselves giggling along with their children at the silly stories.

With that being said, there are things you can do that will make your bedtime reading ritual even more fun. For example, read with expression! Use your voice to display feelings of excitement, fear, and happiness. And don’t forget to create voices for the characters.

Another way to make reading even more fun is to invest in personalized children’s books. Imagine the delight on your child’s face when he discovers he is the hero of the story! These books will capture your child’s imagination and make your bedtime reading ritual extra special.

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