Bedtime can be a special, relaxing time for you and your little one. And curling up under the covers while sharing a good book makes this routine even more magical. Not only does reading to your child at bedtime help them to unwind from the day while they bond with you, it also helps in boosting their brain development.

Each time you read a book to your child, whether it be at bedtime or before nap time, you are aiding in your child’s language skills as well as enhancing and developing their logic skills.

To benefit your child’s cognitive learning, books should be fun and enjoyable! This is one of the reasons that NAMEE created personalized children’s books, including “Bedtime Stories”. How much more fun and enjoyable can reading be when your child is the STAR of the book?

That, along with the following three reasons, is why “Bedtime Stories” is more magical than any other bedtime book!

1. NAMEE’s “Bedtime Stories” stories are Inspired BY kids FOR kids

NAMEE’s stories are inspired by kids! All the stories have a personal experience, tailored to other children, which makes “Bedtime Stories” appealing to your little one. They can understand the stories and characters because they are written by kids just like them!

2. Amazing Personalized illustrations

Our amazing illustrators bring the bright & colourful scenes to life, while incorporating a dreamy and calm atmosphere. The characters in the book are also tranquil, relaxed, and ready for bedtime.

3. Rhythmic Personalized Stories

“Bedtime Stories” is created with rhyming stories that are soothing and reassuring, sure to make those eyelids grow heavy. NAMEE’s personalized bedtime book is therapy for children and parents -- a time and place where they can recount the day, reconnect, and share a beautiful story together.

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