Reading the same book to your child at bedtime every night sounds like it would get old really fast. And, sure, that may be the case if you are reading Goodnight, Moon nightly.

That’s where NAMEE’s Bedtime Stories comes in. Bedtime Stories is a collection of up to 16 personalized children’s stories, which means that you can pick and choose different stories to read each night.

Each story in this unique personalized children’s book has the same goal – to transition your child’s mind from active play to imaginative thought to restful dreaming.

Here are 10 more reasons you should make Bedtime Adventures part of your bedtime routine.

1. Personalized Bedtime Stories Makes It Easy to Bond with Your Child

Reading a book with your child nightly is a great way to bond. This nightly routine creates a sense of security and comfort for your little one. You may discover it is your favorite part of the day!

2. NAMEE's Personalized Bedtime Book Improves a Child’s Imagination

Bedtime Stories is a collection of creative stories with stunning illustrations. As children see themselves in the stories, they will be whisked into a land of imagination where animals talk and nighttime becomes magical.

3. Personalized Bedtime Stories Expand a Child’s Vocabulary

According to a study by the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, “Reading aloud to your child can help boost their vocabulary by 1.4 million words. […] The study shows that kids who are read one short book a day enter their first school years hearing almost 300,000 more words than those whose parents didn’t read to them at all.” Wow!

4. Personalized Bedtime Books Boost Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to understand and manage emotions. Books are a terrific way to boost a child’s emotional intelligence. Bedtime Stories, in particular, works well because it addresses emotions, such as fear, happiness, and exhaustion, directly using friendly animal characters.

5. Personalized Book "Bedtime Stories" Helps a Child Relax

The action in Bedtime Stories all revolve around bedtime. Everything from the stories themselves to the calming illustrations and gentle rhythms work to help children switch from active play to relaxation.

6. Personalized Bedtime Stories Improves Mental Well-Being

Did you know “Children who are the most engaged with literacy are three times more likely to have higher levels of mental wellbeing than children who are the least engaged”? Reading Bedtime Stories nightly is a wonderful way to keep kids engaged with literature and help them feel secure about their parent’s love.

7. NAMEE's Personalized Bedtime Book Enhances Memory

The more you do something, the more likely you will remember it. That’s one of the main reasons to read Bedtime Stories every night. Every time you read the stories to your child, you are helping him learn new words and understand new concepts through memorization.

Read Brightly explains, “When a child reads or hears the same book multiple times, they become familiar and comfortable with a greater number of words. That text you’ve memorized? Chances are your child has too, and that’s a good thing.”

8. Personalized Bedtime Stories Book Teaches Beginning Reading Skills

Children become readers on the laps of their parents. What you may not realize is that every time you read Bedtime Stories you are helping your child understand the text better. They learn more about the story with each read-through. That is an easy way to say they are developing the comprehension skills that are essential for success in school and life.

9. NAMEE's Personalized Bedtime Stories Enriches Language

Bedtime Stories is composed of singsong rhyming lines. What is cool about this is that it makes it super easy for parents to model rhythm and teach kids to pay attention to language patterns. For example, children will begin to understand which animals are speaking excitedly and which characters are winding down for sleep.

10. Personalized Book "Bedtime Stories" Encourages Conversation

A nightly routine of reading Bedtime Stories with your child also opens doors to conversation. Your child will be engaged with the personalized story, which will make it easy to talk about what you are reading and why it matters.

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